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Best Practice & Guidelines

Club rules

All members will be provided with a set of documents outlining the current laws, basic safety, general safety and a map of the club grounds.

It is the responsibility of every member to ensure that all current legislation is strictly adhered to at all times and that the safety procedures are followed.

Always be sure of your backstop! – no pellets are to leave the boundaries of the club ground (map of grounds available on request)

No guns are to be carried (unless unloaded and secured in a case/slip) outside of the boundaries of the club grounds.

Key holders must ensure that the gate is left in the locked state it was found in. i.e. If the gate has been left unlocked by Renforce, please leave the gate unlocked. If however the gate has been locked, please ensure you do not leave the gate unlocked.

Basic Safety Rules
  • Never point a rifle or pistol at anyone or anything except at a proper target.

  • Always treat your rifle or pistol as being loaded.

  • Never shoot where you cannot see.

  • Never carry a rifle or pistol un-cased in a public place.

  • Never load a rifle or pistol unless it is pointing at or near a target.

The action of a rifle or pistol is to be kept un-cocked and unloaded at all times when not actually in use.

The rifle or pistol is only loaded on the range, and when ready to fire is kept pointing down the range.

Do not touch other people’s equipment without their permission.

Compressed air bottles should be stored in a safe manner.


N.B. This is law not just a safety rule

Up to 18 years of age juniors should be accompanied by an adult (over 21 years)

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